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Operation Jubilee

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An ill-fated August Day.

With all branches participating, the addition of armoured units, paratroopers and regular infantry, it appears that the raid was planned as the next step up in the process of preparing a full-scale invasion. This would also explain the wide variety of objectives: to disembark two brigades of infantry and a tank regiment, to overcome enemy defenses on multiple beaches, to engage the Luftwaffe and cause considerable damage, to destroy three coastal artillery batteries, to occupy Dieppe, gather intel, carry out demolitions to military and civilian facilities, seize invasion barges and ship them back to England, capture German anti-aircraft guns and bring one back, capture an airstrip and possibly capture a divisional HQ further inland. After that, the troops still had to return to the beaches and reimbark.

All this was to be carried out in a single day.


Originally planned under the name "Rutter", it was called off in July, then replanned, switching paratroopers with commandos and carried out as operation "Jubilee".

The next best thing to a second front.


At a time that the Germans were still winning the war in North Africa and the Soviet Union, the Allies sought to ease German pressure on the Eastern front. While the "second front" became part of the public debate in both the UK and the US, the British were in no shape to undertake and sustain such a venture on the European mainland. However, what was considered necessary was a limited 'sacrifice raid', something President Roosevelt and PM Churchill had already agreed upon.

For a raid to have the desired effect of the Germans redirecting forces to France, it needed to be more significant than previous Commando raids. In this context it should not come as a surprise that after the costly St. Nazaire raid an even bigger operation was planned, with sizeable Royal Navy and RAF support.



About the mod.

Key take aways:


  • Dieppe, France, 19th August 1942.

  • Allied forces: Canadian, British.

  • Axis forces: German.

  • 12 New maps, custom made after period topographical maps and aerial reconnaissance photos.

  • Infantry and mechanized battle groups on Allied side.

  • Infantry, artillery, battle groups on German side.

  • Additional semi-historical battle groups for what-if scenarios.

Infantry should do the job.


The Dieppe Raid mod is characterized by small infantry forces on compact maps and to overcome your opponent you need to rely on your tactical abilities. However, Canadian forces do have Churchill tanks of three types and the Germans have little to effectively oppose them. Once they get off the Dieppe beaches the defender may consider himself lucky that the Churchills were slow moving tanks and that they did not carry HE rounds during Operation Jubilee.

The German side has the advantage of ample artillery and mortar support.

The maps represent the best work of Buck_Compton yet. The greatest level of attention has gone into creating highly detailed and accurate maps and structures. The maps feature prominent historical civilian buildings and German bunkers, all drawn in 3D.

Operation Jubilee Strategic Map

Dieppe Geography:


This stretch of French coastline is characterized by steep cliffs, narrow pebble beaches and the occasional steep ravine. It offers few locations to land a tank regiment. With this in mind, it is small wonder that the long Dieppe beach was selected as the main landing zone.

Being defended by an infantry regiment of German occupation forces reinforced with additional artillery batteries, the target "Dieppe" was not to be underestimated. The town of Dieppe was home to regimental and battalion headquarters and in addition there were contingents of naval troops, Luftwaffe and other armed occupation forces. The cliffs, dotted with observation posts, reinforced positions and anti-aircraft guns, offered commanding views of the Channel and Dieppe beach.

About one kilometer inland was the first line of artillery batteries and further inland was the town of Arques-la-Bataille, where the divisonal German HQ was suspected to be.

The small village of Petit-Appeville holds some strategical value since that is where several roads and the river Scie intersect. On the flanks of Dieppe are two small coastal towns, Puits and Pourville, and the beaches there were designated Blue and Green respectively. Further away on either flank, the Commandos were assigned four landing beaches with varying degrees of accessibility. They are represented by two maps, Yellow and Orange.


Operation Jubilee Axis Forces


  • 571. I.R. / 302. Infanterie Division

  • I / 571

  • II / 571

  • III / 571

  • 302. Pi.Btl.

  • Hafenkdtr. Dieppe

  • Fliegerhorstkdtr. Dieppe

  • 29. schwere Flug-Melde-Kompanie

  • Marine-Versuchs-Kompanie

  • Marine-Signalstation Marguerite

  • III./302. A.R.

  • 7. Bt./III./302. A.R.

  • 8. Bt./III./302. A.R.

  • Bodenst√§ndige Artillerie

  • Batterie "A"

  • Batterie "B"

  • 2./770 H.K.A

  • 813. H.K.A

  • 265. s.Bt.

Operation Jubilee Allied Forces


  • 2nd Canadian Infantry Division

  • South Saskatchewan Regiment / 6 CIB

  • Royal Regiment of Canada / 4 CIB

  • Royal Hamilton Light Infantry / 4 CIB

  • Essex Scottish Regiment / 4 CIB

  • Camerons of Canada Regiment / 6 CIB

  • Fusiliers de Mont-Royal / 6 CIB

  • Canadian 14th Tank Bn (Calgary Regiment)

  • 7 Fd Coy R.C.E. Royal Canadian Engineers

  • Toronto Scottish Regiment

  • No. 3 Commando

  • No. 4 Commando

  • Royal Marine Commando "A"




The Dieppe Raid Map previews:

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We are "Buck_Compton" and "Pete" in the Close Combat community, mod creators since 2007.

Special contributor: Schnellemeyer.

Our logo depicts a brush and a pen that represent the creativity and research that go into making a Close Combat mod.

The Mod Section


We are known as "Buck_Compton" and "Pete" in the Close Combat community, mod creators since 2007.

Special contributor: Schnellemeyer.



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